Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Chaz Maviyane-Davies
  • Image Title :     Severe, High, Elevated, Guarded, Low.
  • Artist:     Chaz Maviyane-Davies
  • Year:     2008
  • Medium:     Digital print on paper
Artist Bio:
Chaz Maviyane-Davies has been described by the UK’s Design magazine as “the guerrilla of graphic design.” For more than two decades the award-winning, controversial designer’s powerful work has taken on issues of consumerism, health, nutrition, social responsibility, the environment, and human rights. He has studied...and worked in Britain, Japan, Malaysia, the U.S., and Zimbabwe, his country of origin, and received his MA from the Central School of Art and Design in London. From 1983 until recently he ran the renowned design studio The Maviyane-Project in Harare, Zimbabwe. Due to adverse political conditions in his homeland, Maviyane-Davies moved to the U.S. in 2001, where he is currently a professor of Design at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. As well as being published in numerous books, international magazines, and newspapers, his work has been exhibited extensively and is included in several permanent collections.