Kind Company [Patricia Belen & Greg D’Onofrio]

Kind Company  [Patricia Belen & Greg D’Onofrio]
  • Image Title :     Untitled
  • Artist:     Kind Company [Patricia Belen & Greg D’Onofrio]
  • Year:     2008
  • Medium:     Digital print on paper
Artist Bio:
Kind Company is an independent print and web design practice based in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2004, partners Patricia Belen and Greg D’Onofrio have been using design to help small- to medium-sized businesses communicate their ideas, products, and services. From art galleries to restaurants, retailers to online archives and nonprofit organizations, their work embodies the belief that good design is simple, smart, and usable. Notable projects include the Alvin Lustig Archive, AIGA New York Chapter, and Art Projects International. Recently, Kind Company has been recognized in Step Inside Design magazine's 2008 Emerging Talent List.