Vadim Zakharov

Vadim Zakharov
  • Image Title :     Untitled
  • Artist:     Vadim Zakharov
  • Year:     2008
  • Medium:     Digital print on paper
Artist Bio:
Vadim Zakharov was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and graduated from the Moscow State Teachers Training Institute. He is an artist, editor, collector, and archivist of Moscow’s conceptual art scene. Zakharov’s work can be compared to a labyrinth; it branches out into a multitude of details, so that in the end, the spectator does not feel that he is in a park or an archive, but in a jungle of ideas. At the same time, the ephemeral and irrational quality of many of Zakharov’s pieces and projects is grounded by the archive he has collected. It includes photo and video documentations of exhibitions, encounters, appearances of contemporary artists and poets in the West, and documents of Zakharov’s own multifaceted activities as a publisher. Since 1978 he has participated in exhibitions of unofficial art and has worked in collaboration with Victor Skersis (SZ group), Sergei Anufriev, and others. In 1982-83 he was a participant of the AptArt Gallery. Since 1992 he has been the publisher of Pastor magazine and he is founder of Pastor Zond Edition. He is also the editor of the book Moscow Conceptual School. He lives and works in Cologne and in Moscow.