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Changing Community Forum menu

Hi T,

I'm trying to get the Interact section organized to get some partners using it. I think we need to rename "Community Forum" to "Open Forum" to better distinguish it from "Community Group." I've written some text describing each in the Interact introduction, if you want to read.



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Testing -

Also, need to create some simple instructions to register, rather than Log in...since one has to request a password to activate and does not submit a form as is customarily done.

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instructions needed

Yes, I agree. I'll go in and add some text on the Interact landing page about setting up an account to be able to use either the open forum or community group. Tarmo is also investigating how to allow teachers to upload a PDF or JPEG for students to address. I'm going to test writing into the comment a link to another part of the website and an outside website to see how that works.

Let's keep bouncing this back and forth a bit until we make it more user-friendly.

Thanks. Good talking with you today.